A ground-breaking business Mobility-as-a-Service application to find, book and pay for every aspect of the business journey

  • iPhone/Android
  • 1000+ Suppliers
  • 24/7 Concierge

Mobilleo is a state-of-the-art Mobility-as-a-Service platform for business . It combines all modes of business travel (the company car, hire cars and all forms of ground transportation) into one smart mobility solution. Our ground-breaking smart mobility engine can help reduce hours spent on planning, as well as travel and vehicle costs.

You can find, book and pay in seconds for the most suitable mode of transport based on your preferences or companies policies.

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  • Expert Consultancy

    Our offering isn’t just developing technology solutions but also providing consultancy of how our software can integrate with existing systems. Our approach is to get under the skin of your business through data and system analysis so that we can deliver the right solution for your business objectives.

  • Powered by Data

    Our solutions help clients make sense of large volumes of data through machine learning so they can ensure business decisions are backed by data insight. Our technology harnesses the power of open technologies such as APIs to allow for enterprise level integrations across thousands of suppliers, customers and software.

Vehicle Rental Platform

Our innovative vehicle rental platform is a market leading enterprise cloud solution for fleet management

  • 9,000+ Users
  • 200+ Suppliers
  • Mobile Ready

Our award winning vehicle rental management technology has set a new standard for system and user experience in this market. Our management team deliver an unrivalled track record of success which has catapulted our technology to the system of choice for leasing companies, rental brokers and hire car providers.

Fleetondemand continues to develop a new de-facto standard for providing hire vehicles to company employees through your preferred service provider.

  • With their experience and expertise, Fleetondemand understand what we need from our software and provide it in a way that is dynamic and leading-edge.

  • Fleetondemand’s ability to adapt and customise their platform to meet our business needs has been exceptional.

RAC Business Club

Powering the RAC’s corporate fleet management our RAC Business Club is a fine example of one of our bespoke solutions

  • Breakdown Management
  • Desktop & Mobile
  • Automated Billing


In 2013 Fleetondemand and RAC partnered together to deliver a revolutionary new cloud technology platform to the SME and B2B marketplace. Using Fleetondemand’s fleet management platform and multi product management application this next generation technology was delivered to market in 2014.

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