SHORT BIOGRAPHY: Justin is CEO of UK-based automotive technology provider Fleetondemand. An industry leader in all things automotive and technology, Justin founded Fleetondemand in 2011.

Fleetondemand have grown to be one of the leading providers of Enterprise Cloud Technology Applications to automotive service providers in both B2B and B2C markets.


Key Highlights

  • Justin has over 20 years of experience devising & developing technology solutions for the vehicle leasing & rental market
  • Justin founded Nexus Vehicle Rental at the age of 26 and grew the company to become the UK’s largest independent broker of vehicle rental to the corporate world
  • Whilst at Nexus, Justin successfully developed a class leading proprietary system called IRIS that was subsequently sold to private equity investors in a multi-million pound BIMBO.
  • Re-entering the market in 2011, Justin founded Fleetondemand and has yet again emerged as a leading player in the UK automotive industry. Fleetondemand’s in-house technology manages millions in revenues and transactions for some of the industry’s largest rental brands including Hitachi, Inchcape and RAC.
  • In February 2017, Fleetondemand launched the world’s first truly integrated Mobility-as-a-Service application – Mobilleo.
  • Justin’s entrepreneurial ethos is that a freedom to fail and experiment is key for breeding innovation.

Full Profile

Justin Whitston is a Yorkshire and UK entrepreneur who specializes in cloud software start-ups for the automotive industry. With over 20 years of automotive technology experience, Justin is an experienced and well established industry leader for developing state-of-art technology solutions.

Justin started his career at Leasedrive Velo Group in 1996 working on the countrywide vehicle rental side of the business. Whilst picking up skills in graphic design and early web technology, Justin developed a keen interest in how this could be applied to the corporate vehicle hire broker model.

At the age of 26, and driven by an entrepreneurial drive to bring a disruptive and innovative change to the automotive industry, Justin founded Nexus Vehicle Rental. From here he successfully built it into the UK’s largest Independent broker of vehicle rental to business.

Justin’s first foray into devising his own technology came when he successfully built and delivered a class leading proprietary Software-as-a- Service system – IRIS (Intelligent Rental Information System) – into the marketplace underpinning future growth for the business prior to exiting to private equity investors, Living Bridge in a multi-million pound BIMBO.

In 2011, Justin founded Fleetondemand which has rapidly grown to become one of the leading providers of Enterprise Cloud Technology Applications to Vehicle Leasing, Rental and Automotive Service providers in both B2B and B2C markets. With a client roster including Hitachi, Inchcape and RAC, Fleetondemand technologies are currently responsible for multimillion revenues and transaction processing within a unified environment for enterprise integration.

Fleetondemand’s latest venture is a mobility-as-a-service multi-platform application called Mobilleo. The Mobilleo smart mobility engine brings together all modes of business travel, the company car, hire cars and all forms of ground transportation into one solution. The app launched February 2017 and is expected to bridge the gap between travel and fleet solutions for the corporate workplace.

Predictions for the next 5 years

“I believe the next big challenge is how the connected world, on-demand business models and autonomous vehicles will effect automotive business models. In the next 5 years there will be drastic supply chain and infrastructure changes within manufacturers to drive profitable results along with direct to brand sales channels.”

On his entrepreneurial approach

As prominent entrepreneur in the UK, Justin’s entrepreneurial and innovative approach to application and technology development is built on the belief that there has to be freedom to fail in our ideas and try new things without any corporate governance pressure. This ever-learning process of success and failures helps breeds true innovation that in turn leads to the very best business ideas.

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